Apocrypha Sci Fi novel Preview


Hi All,

Today is the first post on the novel Apocrypha Warpack is currently working on. I have been working on it for a while now but as more time has become available, the novel will be on schedule to be released in the new year.

In posts to come, we will feature writing development and useful links to any fellow aspiring authors. We will also be doing book reviews on the latest 40k novels as well as others in the Warpack science fiction collection.

So a bit of an introduction into the Apocrypha Universe. Apocrypha is set in the year 2990 based in the aftermath of a great galactic conflict. During the early 2900’s, the nations/corporations of the United Union set about to create a Galactic Union, forcefully trying to bring the other nations into the fold. The three strongest of these nations; the Tsarist Nations, Shang Empire and the Yamato Dynasties stood their ground against them. When one of the Yamato Houses uncovered the United Union attempting to cause covert internal destabilization, war finally broke out. For almost 50 years the Galaxy was in the middle of a bloody civil war. Humanity had uplifted the species they had found in their colonization of the galaxy, many joining either sides in the conflict as their territories were threatened. The final battle was fought in humanities home system with the United Union rallying the last of their forces in a hostage type campaign around earth. The Union were outnumbered four to one against the Yamato fleet that had the honor of final blood. Realizing their fate was sealed, their final move was drastic and fatal to both sides. A experimental warhead was detonated in the eye of the systems sun that caused a supernova enveloping the system, and in turn, wiping out all life and the Yamato fleet. The United Union jumped to hyperspace before the detonation and only one ship of the Yamato fleet escaped. Their whereabouts is now unknown.

After the war many planets claimed independence and others entered new alliances. Government mingled with corporations and they both mingled with organised crime, blurring the lines between the three. Today the heads of this blur are known as system lords, the big three are spearheaded by The Exalted Tsar of the Ruskov Controlled Space, The Empress of the Shang Empire and the now smaller of the three has a board of Directors that temporarily hold the seat of rule of the Yamato Empire.

The plot is based around a unit of mercenaries who take contracts from various corporations of varying types, this is commonplace in the late 30th century. Contracts vary from common recovery missions of vessels and facilities cut off, abandoned or lost during the war, security detail and sometimes assassinations. Competition can get messy when two of these groups find each other with the same contract.

Despite the Galaxies war torn state it is an age of prosperity as jobs are plentiful and many choose to live there life freely on planets reverting back to a simple life of self sufficiency with only one or two family members going off to work. It has created a diverse mix of old ways and new. For those who prefer the hussle and bussle of mega cities and civilization there are many heavily populated cities and space stations. some come  under the rule of governments others corporations and on the outer territories are completely underworld controlled where anything can be bought or experienced. But nothing last forever as reports of ships going missing around various sectors and strange reports of vicious attacks with no explanation or evidence on the border colonies. The galaxy is approaching a new dawn as the characters of Apocrypha find out with every contract they take.


Please stay tuned as an excerpt from the novel will be released soon as well as news on the board game!

Thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios

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