Eldar Farseer Commission – Part I

Hi All,

Today i will be presenting our latest commission, the Eldar Farseer!

The model has great potential for different paint schemes and clean surfaces to bring out that Eldar sheen. The model is a favourite of Atlas for this reason.

Early works on the cloak.

Some Highlights before Atlas starts on the next level of detail.

Finer Workings from Atlas –

Alright so how I painted the cloak: undercoated the model with citadel black spray (half assembled for easy access with the brush)

1: Base coated the cloak with alien purple from valejo (I added black to the mix as I wasn’t incredibly happy with my starting tone for purple)

2: My next step was a mix of 10:3 (purple:white) leaving the deepest crevasses with the darker purple.

3: I worked this up further, again leaving a small part of the coat before visible (10:5) this was done again and again using mixes, 10:7 1:1 and then working in reverse going 7 parts purple 10 parts white.

Then to finish it off a pure white highlight in the areas that would reflect the most light.


This model will be available for purchase once complete or to any who get in early. If your interested send us an email on the contact us page

Keep watching for Part II in the next few days!


As always thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios


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