Genestealer Cult War band – Part I

Genestealer Cult War band – Part I



Hi All,

So I thought I (Garm) would bring the second half of the talent and interest to the blog with the converting up of a Genestealer Cults War band.

So I am creating a back story to this band of Genestealer Cults and will post that soon so stay tuned.

First up as the popularity with the new models it has been a bit of a mission to secure all the models I was after to create the war band. However this has allowed me to concentrate on one model at a time. Every War Band has a story and as with most 40k armies a tale of there deeds (heroic or sadistic) on a standard. I think the rules for the Standard on the Acolyte Iconward are a great buff so I decided to Convert up my own custom icon and I think it talks a bit about the back story. Ill let you be the judge.

The skull is that of their former Patriarch who was killed when their cult was discovered to early. There cult was all but wiped out save for this war band.

Those who took out there cult have a special place on the standard as the survivors took numbers of their own. The Captains heads of the Blood Angels force that boarded their infected Void Station hang beside there former messiah. These were taken from the Blood Angels Company Command box.

In our next post I will present the Abarrant.

Thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios

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