Genestealer Cult – Part III ~ The Seeker

Hi All,

20161006_193713I present “Seeker” Leader of the Neophytes, a veteran among his kin. A combination of his superiors being slain by the Blood Angles and proven hunter on the field of war saw him rise to become the Primus’ top Lieutenant.

The Seeker revels in tracking and hunting his quarrel over days and through the most heated parts of the battlefield with a predatory tenacity that could only be gifted from the distant Hive mind that birthed their slain messiah.

He as with the rest of his war band have amassed trophy’s from many who have crossed their path wielding a Space Marine Scanner. As well as this he wields the power maul “Evangelist” and a shoulder mounted web pistol used to restrain the victims his Superiors have a more sinister fate in mind for.

When I do up a scenic base for him I will add a ripper or two to more enforce his hunter type image I am after.

As always thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios

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