Genestealer Cult War-band – Part IV – Magus

20161007_165211Hi All,

So today I have been working on my magus and wanted to do something a little different.

In my war-bands background during their search for a new populous to infect they came into conflict with Eldar Corsair Pirates.
Posing as imperial merchants they allowed the pirates to board their freighter.
By the time the Void corsairs had realized who they really were up against, it was too late and they were deep within the vessel.
The Cults magus cast a psychic barrier to prevent them from alerting their ship. Slowly the Corsairs were hunted down and eviscerated.
The Void Corsairs Leader, a savage Female dream weaver, led a last ditch effort to find the powerful psyker and call for aid (The Eldar Farseer model was used for this).
A brutal battle of the mind took place on the bridge of the freighter. Magus battled Dream Weaver in the psychic theater.
The Magus fell as he could not hold the shield as well as maintain a mind assault. The Dream Weavers personal guard fought hard against the war-band with each member fighting with matched speed to the cult.
Once the Dream Weaver had finished dissolving the Magus’ mind, she turned to the rest of the cult and it seemed the battle would be over quickly.


However the infant Patriarch to be was filled with raw psychic power sent from the hive mind prematurely propelling its ascendancy. The infant Patriarch locked eyes with the Dream Weaver and a second mind war began.
Caught off guard, the Dream Weaver succumbed to the infants dominion, her mind now being pulled by the creatures psychic strings.

After the loss of their leader the command squad was slowly wiped out fighting bravely.

From that point on the Dream Weaver was the war-bands new Magus. Through many painful biological and psychic procedures, She was linked to the Hive mind a constant headache in her mind.

She is now both prisoner and Magus.

When it comes to battle, her mind is completely taken over by the Hive minds Psychic tendrils. Aboard the freighter she is herself but a prisoner. Slowly she is building a safe house in her mind were the hive mind cannot see her thoughts what will happen is yet to be known but she desires to be free.

Thank you for your time
Warpack Studios

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