Deamon Primarch Magnus the Red & Plastic Sisters Confirmed!!!

Deamon Primarch Magnus the Red & Plastic Sisters Confirmed!!!
Good morning All!
And what a morning it is with the latest confirmation from Warhammer TV of the upcoming release of not only Magnus the Red DAEMON PRIMARCH!!! But also PLASTIC SISTERS OF BATTLE (Adeptus Sororitus as they like to be known but like Snoop-Lion its not happening)!!!
For Warpack Studios this is a great release as GW has released something that even the rumor mill had previously had no pictures for. NO LEAKS! Fancy that. And trust me we looked!
The studio is a bit beside itself with trying to pump out its commissions in order to prepare for this release as many in our community have been waiting almost 40,000 years for plastic sisters. I know Atlas is dying to put his painting abilities towards this and I myself (Garm) cant wait to get converting!!! Many Commissions to come and as its “not out for ages” we will do all we can to provide full coverage on such a big release including Codex, Models and Painting Tutorials.
Oh and we will be giving away a Showcase Daemon Primarch Magnus the Red in our upcoming competition so stay tuned for details.
So shut up Garm and show the video!
See Below and always thank you for your time,
Warpack Studios

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