On the Conversion Desk

On the Conversion Desk


Welcome All,

As I am off on a work trip this week with Atlas, I thought I would post former projects of mine that I have on the conversion desk.

First of the two models is a Wulfen conversion using the Wulfen kit and the Slaughter Priest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer kit. I really like the wulfen kit but I wanted to create something unique. There is still a few green stuff touch ups needed when he crosses my desk in the future.

The second model is a return of my favorite Khorne Slaughterpriest. This conversion was to depict a World Eater Fighter in the Pits aboard one of there Vessels. The meteor hammer was inspired by the World Eater Dreagher from many of the World Eater books. This particular conversion I made after reading Kharn – Eater of Worlds which will defiantly feature in the upcoming ‘Warpack Studios Top 20’.

Thank you for visiting today and spending time with us here at the studio,

Warpack Studios

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