Burning of Prospero Box set Release! Sisters of Silence! Custodians!

Burning of Prospero Box set Release! Sisters of Silence! Custodians!1476431935741

Hi all,

It seems this week is full of AWESOME new releases with not only Deamon Primarch Magnus, Sisters of Battle and now Custodians, Sisters of Silence as well as 30k Space Wolves and Thousand sons!

This Boxed set is going to be great and will have us at Warpack working overtime on the new models!

It looks like these will feature in next months White Dwarf if this is a an image taken from a stockist email so Magnus/Sisters for Xmas?

Personally I have always been infactuated by Sisters of Silence back story and the biggest thing for me will be in their converting as there are rules not only for 30k but 40k too!!! Top knots, Wardogs and that Savage Beauty whats not to like! These models will definatly feature in future warband posts.

Atlas has been hit with the news and cant wait to get a chance to paint up these guys. He is pumped with all the new releases and finding time to get them all up on the site for you guys and girls is our top priority.

Thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios


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