Primarch Leman Russ – Commissions


Hi All,

Today we are taking painting commissions for the new Leman Russ model released from Forge World.

Early Bird Special – Those who submit their request by MIDNIGHT Sunday (AEDT – UTC +11 hours) will receive 15% off and FREE shipping for their commission.

( 1400 Sunday for London / 0900 Sunday for New York / 0200 Monday for New Zealand )

The one thing we do not have a lot of is time with the release of Prospero Burns, Sisters and Magnus we can only fit so many Russ commissions into our busy painting schedule this year so be sure to secure yours. I will be speaking to Atlas shortly about what he and the boys can fit into this years time frame but it looks to be 5 – 10 between them.

By all means if you are not in a rush contact as well and we can work out an appropriate time frame to suit you. You can still benefit from the 15% off and free shipping if your part of the early bird option.

All emails will be replied to as soon as we can with requests for what chapters you would like the scenic base models painted as.

For our prices on Table Top Quality painting and Showcase Quality painting check out our post on commission rates here.

Thank you for you time,

Warpack Studios

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