Games Workshop Exclusive Release


Hi All,

Toady I wanted to talk about exclusive models released by Games Workshop, regarding availability and where to get one from. This all started in the car this morning when I was researching new models for Atlas to paint up and showcase on the site, when I came across the Terminator Chaplain Exclusive release model above. I have looked around and spoken to my local GW manager detailing that the only way to get these models is to collect them from a store around the first month of opening with some models being a day only model.

The Legion Praetor for example above featured above was one such model and the current event only Terminator Classic Captain is another event only miniature. The third image is an event only model from the past.

While these models are expensive and limited to time and location restraints, they become more expensive still if you cannot obtain one in store and must resort to ebay.

So after reading various blogs that feature these models and speaking with my local GW manager (really nice guy btw) the best way to score one of these models is to know in advance as GW staff generally know a month prior to a new store opening (asking about a new store wont be breaking there employee code of silence as it is with new releases). Models like the Terminator Chaplain and Captain are new store opening Event only Miniatures and the only place to get them is at one of these events. So next time your in GW or know a hobbyist that is on better standing with them keep yourself in the know so as not to miss out.

I hope this post has been useful and help those confused individuals like myself who end up spending extra on ebay for these unique models.

Thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios



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