Custodian Guard Review


Hi All,

Today I will be providing a small review of the Custodian Guard with the release of the new models. Included are pictures for the Custodes infantry themselves as well as Grav Tank and Contemptor.

Custodes are to the Emperor what the space marines are to their primarchs. Created well before the heresy at the beginning of the Emperor’s campaign to take back Terra from the marauding techno barbarian legions. The backstory from what I have gathered in my time in the hobby, that the emperor created the custodes before even the primarchs or the thunder warriors. however in the time he could perfect one custodian he could create many more thunder warriors as cutting corners allowed for this. The custodian creation being the emperors long game set about Terra with his thunder warrior legions conquering earth with him. there are many theory’s behind the changing of the guard with the cover up in Imperium’s history stating the thunder warriors all died at Mt Ararat in the final battle for Terra. However the truth couldn’t be further from this with the emperor always intending to have the thunder warriors die when no longer needed even going so far as to write it into their genetic code. how largely the custodians were responsible for the extermination of these warriors is yet to be revealed. Custodes serve the Emperor alongside the Sisters of Silence, acting as more of an elite body guard than an army. In saying that they have served as such in campaigns over there years but their main role is at the Emperors side.


Despite my dislike for the Imperium the models and artwork look amazing, now available with rules for 30k and 40k. rules are freely available from the GW website here.


Transfer sheets have also been added with their release as well as getting their very own Contemptor Dreadnought that looks amazing. There is also rules circulating the forums to do with the Custodian Grav Tank seen below.


Release dates for the Contemptor and Grav Tank are yet to e revealed but I would put money on seeing Cataphracti armoured Custodes and Jetbikes in the not to distant future. I have compiled below artwork and painted models from what I could find. Enjoy.


Thank you for your time,

Warpack Studios

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